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Find the people you dont want to miss

опубликовано: 23 декабря 2012, 21:34

One of the painful things that everyone in this world has to experience is missing the childhood friends. After our school days our career, responsibilities will make us forget about our friends. Accidently if we met one of our friends, it will be a great surprise. Suddenly we will feel that we are missing some precious people in our life. But we will have no idea where they are, what they are doing and we don’t know how to find those people. Nowadays Internet is the greatest boon for mankind.

We can find almost anything we need in this world through internet. Finding our friends with whom we had great moments is also possible. People search is an engine, which helps to find our friends. How we find our friends through search engine. There will be problems we will be facing during the search. In this world our friends are not the only who is having a particular name.

For example there will many John in this world. Even if we refine the search through country name, there will be more guys. How are we going to find our old friends? Social network is a concept which brings people together. Everyone who is having the an account in a social network website will have their basic details like Name ,country, school name, collage name, year of study, work history, pictures etc. There will be enough details that will help us to refine our search to find our people perfectly. For example guys who studied together in school will have their school name common.

But even in the same school there will be many guys with same name. If we filter our people search engines by including the year of passing, we will get the right person. With their profile information we can find their current position. If we imagine the power of the search engine it will be a huge thing. Imagine a man who is fifty years of age, who is not communicated with their friends for more than twenty five years has the chance to find all their friends by just sitting in front of the computer.

This search engine may also help to find many of your friends at single search. For example you started searching your friend little late than your friends. But your school friends who met through people search may form the group in name of your school. You can find all your school friends in the same group. So with people search you can find the friends, who gave the most beautiful moments in your life.

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